7 Useful Tips for Traveling Light

Posted on 03 March 2017

If you travel often, you know how annoying it is to be stuck lugging around a giant suitcase only to use about 10% of what you packed.

I know from experience that when I am packing I will try to cram most every shirt, dress and pair of shoes I own into my bag even though I know I will most likely wear only a few of the things. It's difficult to gauge what kind of mood we will be in once we arrive at our destination hence the desire to overpack. 

Here are some simple packing solutions that will save you a backache and having to do loads of laundry when you return from your vacation.

#1 Bring one outfit that you normally wear. You know that one pair of shorts and that shirt you wear constantly. Just because you are away does not mean you will want to dress differently than you do at home. Trust me, I took things to India that I normally would not wear because I wanted to be dressy or try something new.....but I missed my cozy jean shorts and big t shirt. 

#2 One word....YALA. This organic clothing line made of bamboo is super versatile and comes in a myriad of colors and styles. One substantial perk to this clothing line is that it is WRINKLE FREE!!! The styles are also super lightweight and pack so darn well that we just can emphasize it enough...you will have to see for yourself! YALA dresses and tops are available in our boutique and will also be available for order on or website soon.

Yala blue dress, yala white dress, yala blue shirt

#3 Shoes: depending on the terrain and type of vacation this will obviously vary. For spring time travel, one pair of cute flat sandals that match your dress and that can easily pair with shorts and a shirt are key. A girl can never go wrong with a pair of white Keds or Converse and a pair of heels too. These three pairs of shoes will take you far when packing light. 

#4 Pants: Only pack one pair of jeans!!! Jeans are heavy and take up a lot of space so pick one and stick with it. For the adventurous girl, a pair of lightweight yoga pants or leggings should be in your bag in case you head out for a hike or want to do yoga.

#5 Shirts/dresses: When I really think about it I mostly wear about 5-6 of the shirts I own on the regular. I like to pack a spaghetti strap shirt, a dressy shirt, a long sleeve button down jean shirt and a fitted t-shirt and just mix and match.....you don't want to be wearing the same thing in all of your pictures..right? Also, pack one cute dress just in case you decide to go somewhere fancy  ;)

#6 Underthings: Sticking to a nude color bra, five panties and three pairs of light socks is my rule. Always, always bring a swimsuit but only pack ONE!! 

#7 The extras: Always keeping a small toiletries bag on hand is super helpful because you can just toss it in your bag when you are ready to head out. I keep travel size shampoo and conditioner, a small bar of soap, hotel lotion, sample moisturizer, make up remover wipes, roller ball perfume, travel deodorant  and a razor in mine...I don't mind letting my hair dry naturally but if you absolutely have to dry your hair, get a tiny size dryer and mini brush. I also keep my makeup routine light and just bring my powder, blush and mascara....

toiletries flatly, bando clutch, bando vacation bag

Well, there you have it...our guide for packing light for spring travel!!!

Remember, less is more when you are on the road, or lugging around bags at the airport...especially on the way home. Baggage claim is always the worst part when returning.....especially from the other side of the world.


 Image credits: suitcase, ban.do, flatlay

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