Tips for Layering for Texas Weather

Posted on 28 January 2017

"Today's weather forecast is hot and cold with highs in the upper 100 degrees and lows in the lower -37 degrees" -Texas Meterologists everywhere. 

Here you are, a girl wanting so bad to look cute all day, but not have to change your outfit like Miley Cyrus in the first episode of Hannah Montana. So here are some tips for your biggest problems in life, aside from the choosing which flavoring to put in your iced latte. 

1. Layer, layer, layer, oh and LAYER! A cardigan or flannel over a plain white pocket tee with leggings are my go-to of this winter (people shorts over leggings are so 80's and we are too millennial for that)
2. Yoga pants are good year round and easy to layer with (keeping in mind #1)!
3. My absolute favorite, SHOES! Converse, Keds, Vans or for the edgier person, Tims. I would call all of these shoes timeless. Oh and the best part, you can pair all of these with some funky socks too!
4. Jeans are always a safe call. So you walk out of the house in the morning and it's 40 degrees then noon rolls around and its sunny and 75, cuff your jeans, take off your outermost layer, and rock your awesome sports team or favorite band. 
5. Sunglasses... so it may not be sunny when you first get outside, but use them as a hair band or on your neckline. When its sunny, you're ready for it.
 6. ROCK IT! Girl, confidence is key in every outfit. If you think you're rocking it, you are! 

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