Three C's for a New Year

Posted on 07 January 2018

Welcome 2018!  Did you ring it in with friends or alone?  Did you set some lofty goals or just to decide to skip all those resolutions this year?  Don't worry, we won't judge.  We're just here to give you a few tips to get this year headed in the right direction - and  you know this gloomy weather is the perfect time to handle all the mundane tasks you want to ignore.

  1. Calendar - If you don't have a calendar then put this at the top of your list!  You can use the one on your phone or buy a fancy agenda but use it!  Add those important birthdays and appointments, get them in ink.  And consider buying a desk calendar to use for your whole family or your roommates.  Get everyone's schedule on there and keep track of who's coming and going.
  2. Clean - You made all those great decorations for the holidays.  You've glittered and cooked and partied and now it's time to get back into a routine.  Start off with a good clean.  Just carry a couple of trash bags with you - fill one with trash and one with donations.  Go room to room and don't spend too much time thinking or you might change your mind.  Then go scrub those bathrooms and change those sheets.
  3. Create - Pick a fun project - it can be a jigsaw puzzle or coloring book or get out those paints and tackle a canvas or a wall.  Take some time to try something new and fun.

Enjoy this new year - make it the best yet! And be sure to check out

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