5 #GirlBosses That Will Inspire You - The Women Behind the Brands

Posted on 24 February 2017


Get to know the women behind the brands we carry at On A Branch.

Jen Gotch of Ban.do - Fun, bubbly, sassy and successful, she has taken her passion for design to heights that she never expected. Jen started out as a food and prop stylist who began to develop a serious interest in photography. While her photography career was taking off she could not contain her immense creativity and started a side project which became ban.do. Ban.do was doing so well that she began to focus most of her time on the growing Los Angeles business. She is now the creative director of ban.do where she can focus on providing us with all that glittery awesomeness we crave! Jen is one of our favorite #girlbosses....and one cool fact...her office walls are actual glitter. How sweet is that?! 

Kate Spade

Kate Spade - Beginning her career at Mademoiselle magazine as head of accessories and later fashion editor, she put her creative spark to use developing fashionable yet sensible handbags for women seeking unique style. She launched her brand in 1993 and it was an immediate hit in the New York fashion industry. In 1996 she opened her first storefront in NYC. Kate Spade has grown exponentially and is now a world wide brand which includes accessories, fashionable eyewear, cute stationary and shoes. She is truly a girl boss worth noticing! 

Nancy Morgan

Nancy Morgan of YALA - It all started as a desire to sleep in a comfortable and sanitary situation while working abroad in China. Nancy and her husband were teachers in China and frequently found themselves in below par sleeping conditions not limited to having to catch some z's sprawled on the ground. She came up with the idea of a protective layer made from sheets sewn together that she, her husband and young daughter could crawl into and have a barrier of protection from greasy old beds and the grass if they were outdoors. This idea grew into the amazing line of silk and bamboo clothing that is sourced from China. We love YALA because it is so soft, light, comfortable and wrinkle free!Alicia Shope

Alicia Shope of Texas General Square Candles - If you have ever taken a whiff of a TGS candle you know why Alicia's candles are sold in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. She began selling antiques in her mother's shop and began experimenting with her square candles in her garage. She wanted to bring a unique flare to the world of candles by "bringing the square into a circle world". She continued to experiment with her candle recipes in her kitchen until her husband finally had enough of the wild scents and the late nights of stirring her waxy cauldron. She now has twelve full time employees and each candle is handmade in a dark warehouse on Texas 146. These are truly the best smelling and slowest burning candles I have ever burned. The scent collection is deliciously interesting including cuban cigar, cranberry and fried green tomato.

Marcia Miller - Mud Pie

Marcia Miller of Mud Pie - Marcia began her career as a sales manager representing gourmet products. Eventually, she ascended to the ranks of rep firm part owner where she worked with major retailers including Braun and Macy's. Her creativity gnawed at her which led to the founding of Mud Pie which specializes in ceramics...hence the name mud pie which alludes to the materials used in the production of her "clay based customs crafted gift products". She wanted to "control her own destiny" and that she has done which makes her one of our top five favorite woman biz owners.


Photos courtesy of: ban.do, Kate Spade, YALA, TGS, Mud Pie

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